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The art of fashion illustration is the main inspiration for the team of Land Kay. While we were creating sketches for other designer's collections, we realized that these sketches can be an element of an outfit themselves — its decoration, key element and soul. That is how the idea of the Land Kay brand was born, out of the fashion illustrations showing ready-made clothes, the girls wearing them and diamonds, the eternal symbol of elegance and luxury.

We get inspired by the cultural values of the countries where we were born, got our education and where we live and work. The Russian perception of beauty and femininity is intertwined with the aesthetics of the lifestyle in France where we spent our vacations and did out internships, as well as with the textile traditions of England, where the exclusive Land Kay prints are born on natural cotton and silk clothes. The centuries of tradition of Italian masters comes as another source of our inspiration. The mix of all of these cultures, times and traditions comes together in a small cosy studio in Prague where ideas become reality and where new clothing collections are sewn under our strict supervision.



The modern world is in an intense rush, it is constantly and quickly changing, and so are fashion trends. But even the fashion world has its eternal values: classical styles, natural fabrics and gems. Diamonds are one of these values. As the Bond movie title goes: “Diamonds are forever” — they are eternal, they are beyond any trends or seasons. They carry a mark of quality and are the epitome of classical beauty. The diamond is the symbol of Land Kay and it appears in all our collections in one way or another.

Just as every gem is original and unique, so are the Land Kay author prints. Each of them is created by hand, and every small detail is thought through carefully and drawn with watercolours. These clothes are not for one season, their creation is a long and laborious process, and one can admire them eternally.

The philosophy of Land Kay is reflecting the concept of “slow fashion”: we are suggesting slowing down the usual intense life rhythm and to enjoy life by surrounding yourself with beautiful things which can create a special atmosphere and mood. Our philosophy values natural, eco-friendly fabrics and our products are imbued with the emotions of the artists working on the exclusive prints...

We are not chasing current fashion trends, and it is not our goal to develop a new collection every six weeks. What we are after is the creation of a limited series of prints which won't become overrated after the season is over. We are supporting “smart” shopping, which builds upon individuality as the highest value.

Product process


Diamonds are jewels for special occasions, but Land Kay collections extend the beauty of these special gems onto everyday images. We transfer the versatility of diamonds, the play of light and shadow and their unique radiance — onto the fabric, creating sophisticated hypnotic patterns. These newborn diamonds don't tarnish in the daylight and are appropriate any day, not just for special occasions.

These “precious” prints are absolutely exclusive and hand-made: we think them through down to every detail and paint them with watercolours. It is a time-consuming and complicated process. You can be certain that you would not find these drawings in other brand's collections: our prints are made exclusively for Land Kay, and each and every one of them has its own story and unique mood.

We use state-of-the-art technology for printing as well as modern methods of processing the textiles, so the product that we are offering to our clients is of high quality. We are not after mass production, and our main priorities are quality and individuality, which is why real professionals are working on Land Kay collections throughout the production stage.

For our collections, we are using silk satin and georgette — a blend of silk and cotton. The mellow flickering of the silk fibres in combination with the patterns which echo the play of light on the surface of a diamond, create a special, luxurious effect. Our product line includes silk dresses, skirts and tops, but we also are offering more casual items — such as cotton dresses and T-shirts.


We create our collections for those who appreciate the story behind things, which is what creates the special charm. Land Kay collections combine pleasant-to-touch fabrics containing silk, which has eternally been a symbol of luxury, with more “everyday” materials which are both more practical and easy to take care of.

Our online shop is soon going to feature tops, skirts and dresses decorated with the exclusive patterns developed by our artisans. At the moment, to make your order, please submit an enquiry form here. Come and shop with us!

We live in the age of the mass market and are bound by fashion trends which make it more and more difficult to preserve individuality, but we are certain that it is possible. If you choose uniqueness in everything and don't want to blend in with the crowd, we are offering our special service to you — the development and production of an author's print.

Our specialists can come up with and create a pattern based on your tastes and preferences. The print, hand-drawn with watercolours, will be transferred onto fabric or paper, and an exclusive product will be created specifically for you (it can be anything from part of an outfit, to accessories, interior decoration or stationery).

We are happy to offer this service to both individual and corporate clients.



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